Adam Fenton

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Adam Fenton
Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media

For some time, I have been into drawing. I drew a fair lot, and slowly got better with each attempt, provided that I put effort into it. Eventually, my interests in drawing slowly evolved into animation, 2D animation in particular.

My first true attempt at animation was with Flash, which at first, was confusing, as it is such a complicated program, until I learnt that could animate characters in pieces, rather than as a whole with each frame.

However, I have always wanted to animate in a traditional way, as to me, there is more emotion that comes from it, and is more natural, as it comes directly from the animator themselves.

I had finally got a chance to attempt it in Photoshop, upon learning that it could animate frame by frame. Sure it’s hard work, and takes a lot of time and patience, but the end result is rewarding.

Later on, I learnt about film. I admit, it just isn’t my thing, but it has inspired an idea. By taking inspiration from previous films that have done this, I experimented in combining Animation with Live Action.

Using all of the animation techniques I have learnt in the past, that being traditional, stop-motion, motion key framing and inverse kinematics, I have applied them into what you see before you at this moment.

I will keep on doing 2D animation whenever I get the chance, because it’s what I personally feel I’m good at.