Flight for your Life

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Adam Mutch
Bachelor of Digital Media

Flight for your Life, 2012


My piece entitled ‘Flight for your life’ is an additional compliment to my years work for this subject with a theme of power and freedom. I have taken into account the emotional extremities that can occur throughout life to anyone and everyone, essentially all one needs is a pair of wings to lift them out of it. The two giant wings I have constructed are intended to make anyone who stands between them feel a sense of utter power and freedom, like for a second, these wings can take their pain and carry it away for a moment.

I have drawn a silhouette on the wall with hard lights to represent the ideal that although everyone thinks these wings are fake and don’t exist, the shadow is an intention to there ever presence in everyone. Everyone has their own set of pain. Everyone has their own set of wings. Everyone has their own ability to fly away. The Polaroid camera I have provided will provide a few people an instant and enduring reminder to the wings they possess, making my piece an interactive and almost performance piece.

We are all our own demise, but we are also our own freedom.

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