Revive Yourselves, 90s Kids

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Adriana Mazevski
Bachelor of Creative Arts (Media Arts and Visual Arts)

Revive Yourselves, 90s Kids, 2012
(Digital Video)

A spontaneous expression of colour, freeing the soul and intriguing the mind.

Revive Yourselves, 90s Kids appreciates the neglected, pre-smartphone, child-like ventures of which the digital generation has left behind to develop and integrate into the world of nothing-but-electronics.

The artwork explores the relationship between Generation Z and the confrontation of a physical, mental and emotional fusion through the raw and vibrantly stimulating materials of bright paper and coloured paint; those of which were introduced at a very young age.

The supply of the mediums drives the subject to produce a work of a capricious and vivid result. In turn, the artwork’s progression and finality provides a field of mood oscillation, soul cleansing, and memory restoration.

Revive Yourselves, 90s Kids aspires to revive these children and their short-lived, undervalued childhood. The rapid expansion of electronics has swindled their opportunity to perceive, cherish and even remember the world before the Internet and digital age.

Through the artwork the audience encounters a form of abstract expressionism, such as the likes of Kandinsky and Pollock, with its lively, physical immediacy of paint. It challenges digital media and embraces the analogue art-making process. The thought-provoking nature of the artwork allows relief from the black and white, monotonic element of electronics.

Revive Yourselves, 90s Kids recognises a continual, ever changing future, but warrants an empathetic acknowledgement of the past. It is a celebration of the inner nineties child.

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