Where Are We?

David Beutler
Bachelor of Digital Media

Where Are We?, 2012

(Digital Video)

This video you see before you, holds a lot of secrets. What started out as a fan remake of Imogen Heaps Hide and Seek, turned into an enigma that begs to ask the question about our existence.

The images you see before you are a representation of a song that I believe have so much meaning to it, it is almost hypnotic. It ranges from words of text to symbols representing a lyric.

I urge you to listen closely to the audio, because while it may sound the same, it isn’t.

You may ask, why does this video exist on youtube? What if youtube is part of video itself? And if the video is displayed on youtube, where is it? It is on the internet, that’s all I know, and that’s all you know. The video is wafting around the globe on the internet, just like we are wafting around life on this blue orb in the vast endless cosmos. Where are we?

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