Hung Out to Dry


Duncan McGeoch
Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies

Hung Out to Dry, 2012


The installation, ‘Hung Out to Dry’ is a narrative piece that aims to expose the incompetencies of the live animal export industry. News broke in mid September that Australian sheep shipped live to the Middle East had been slaughtered in Karachi, Pakistan in an extremely brutal and confronting manner. On these boat endeavours, the animals endured the most extreme of conditions where many perish on route. This incident sent shockwaves through the Australian live animal export industry and a chill down the spine of the Gillard Government.

‘Hung Out to Dry’ aims to encapsulate the unpleasant aura that surrounds the practice of live exportation of our Australian livestock through the use of confronting visuals and audio elements, and the physical scent of the installation in order to extort the audience’s raw emotions. Visually the bones are not aesthetically pleasing, as they still have some flesh and debris on the bone, which is where the unpleasant scent derives from. The tripod structure is made of metal and barbed wire to emphasise the cold brutality of the treatment of these animals.  This coupled with the soundtrack of bleating sheep brings an overwhelming sense of despair and grief to the audience deriving an emotional response to the issue at hand. Through the careful execution and selection of medium and materials, this installation was designed to raise awareness of the indecent actions of the live export industry and give the audience insight to these problem’s. To continue these exportation practices in a sense – is hanging our Australian livestock out to dry.

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