Joel J. Francis

My name is Joel J. Francis and my film is “A Statement on the Art”.
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Mob – 0412343872
The reason as to why I’ve chosen film as my medium of choice is simple. It’s my passion. For as long as I can remember, film has always amazed me and actually having the opportunity to create my own worlds, stories and characters, is something that I am grateful for. To have a viewer come up to me and say they loved something that I’ve made is such a great feeling. If someone hates one of my films, I love to discuss with them why they hated it.
My film is an attempt at demonstrating how people have different ideas and opinions about what “art” is. It asks the question “do even murderers see their work as art?” and are they offended if someone disagrees with what they perceive as “their way”.
All my films have had a dark theme to them. Not because I’m a dark person myself (quite the opposite), but because I find that depressing and dark themes are more relatable to people considering the world we live in and the problems we’re faced with daily.