The Melancholy of the Non Facade

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Josh Freestone
Bachelor of Digital Media

The Melancholy of the Non Facade

(Digital photography, projection)

The concept the “non-facade” is something I have personally been working on for some time, developing evidence that is helping to uncover the simple yet understated concept.

My photographs are visions into the wonder that lurks in the shadows underneath, behind or beside a facade.

This small-scale projection alludes to the context of the photos and the prominence of the “non-facade” within contemporary spaces.

The fact that the photography is digitally handled, and processed within the digital spectrum adds a subtext to the facade, being the digital photograph, and its counterpart, the non-facade; the mechanism.

Costume choice for the character, the style of lighting, composition and the amount of detail seen were rendered with influences from Joseph Koudelka and Eugene Atget. Koudelka for his use of composition and natural daylight and Atget for his strength in capturing empty space and conveying an atmosphere that was both majestic yet uneasy.


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