String of Levitating Shadows

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Laniese Jansen van Rensburg
Bachelor of Digital Media

(in collaboration with Gert Jansen van Rensburg)

String of Levitating Shadows, 2012

(Light Installation)

Watch a video of this work in action

This artwork was inspired by artist Phillip Beasley. My work sets out to explore the interaction between people and lights. Notice the shadows, lights and boxes, these were all once raw material, but now, it has created a social work of art.

I wanted to create an interactive environment, where people can leave their mark, and be part of the artwork. Using your Smartphone, or a laptop, you can create your own light show! It will be there for others to see.

I have created an interface that allows you to control the lights any way you want.

Everyone was made to be creative. So go ahead: BE CREATIVE!

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