Michael Bunten
Bachelor of Digital Media

Blurred, 2012

(Interactive Sculpture)

This work creates a silhouette of the viewer.

Until the invention of mirrors, people never saw their “true” reflection – only a distorted reflection or a silhouette. Imagine never being able to see yourself, the modern world is so heavily reliant on image and personal appearance what would the world be like without mirrors?

This artwork is made using found items and uses red string structurally and as my own motif.

I try to make my work incorporate an element of interaction with the audience. Itsuo Sakane, the Japanese journalist and curator suggests that interactive art is simply art that involves the participation of the viewer. My work is also like Marcel Duchamp’s work The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even, where we are never able to look at it without seeing ourselves.

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