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Sanita Khandharixay
Bachelor of Digital Media

Manipulation, 2012
(Multi-screen installation)

As humans we experiences a flush of emotions as we continue to live through each and every day. When we are confronted with situations, we are forced to think of different scenarios in our minds to combat the situation. Often we’ll sit back and replay the situation back in minds, wondering and possibly regretting the decision we chose. Manipulation explores the notion of feelings of hurt and pain in three different situations. The viewer slowly travels through the three screens and is confronted with the familiar aftermath after an argument: ignorance or the silent treatment; the back chatting and rumours; and the confrontation.

The longer the viewer stands in front of each screen, the more uncomfortable and distressed they will get. Part of the words spoken were collected stories from many close friends- painful experiences that have stuck by them. Manipulation eventually becomes exhausting, stressful and confusing, replicating the detrimental effects of unnecessary arguments. However, the artwork is also relatable to a wider audience and from this they are able to learn from previous mistakes and allow them to move on.

Starring Claire Fenwicke

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