Untitled (Paper Amplifiers)

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Stacey Ferris
Bachelor of Creative Arts (Media Arts and Graphic Design)

Untitled (Paper Amplifiers), 2012
(Audio Installation)

Untitled (Paper Amplifiers) takes the audience on a journey through a conceptual forest of digital sound. The cardboard cones create an echo of sound as the audience interacts with the piece by navigating their way through the hanging amplifiers. The audience is forced to enter a new space when they move closer to the cones to hear the sound playing.

Concentration and imagination play a role in understanding the conceptual meaning behind the piece, as the audience must block out surrounding noise to hear what each cone is playing.

The amplifiers are made from black poster cardboard which creates a resonating sound, much like holding a sea shell to your ear. This circulation of air, paired with the poetic audio emphasises a natural facade and leads the audience to believe they are walking through a compilation of familiar environments.

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