The Ampersand

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Stephanie Finauer
Bachelor of Creative Arts (Graphic Design and Media Arts)

The Ampersand, 2012

(Stop-Motion Animation)

The Ampersand is an exploration of the commonly known ligature, the ampersand. Despite the fact that it is such a common symbol, few people are aware of the history/development and the meaning of the figure itself. In my work I’m exploring the aesthetically diverse possibilities of the ampersand, as well as the evolution of the form itself, through the creation of a stop-motion. My stop-motion is focused on not only the visual characteristics of the form, but also how the form has changed through time.

Historically, the ampersand has evolved from being a simple combination of the letters ‘e’ and ‘t’ (meaning ‘and’ in Latin), to the distinctive and unique character that we know today. Rather than focusing on one specific type of ampersand, The Ampersand explores these numerous different versions of the ligature, and how even though they appear aesthetically different to each other, they still possess certain similarities.

The Ampersand aims to capture the audience’s attention, as well as informing and intriguing them, through the eye-catching and visually diverse forms.

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