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Sam Doyon, Morgan Way, Bethany Levy, Josh Charles
Bachelor of Digital Media

Travis Jenkins, 2012
(Feature Film)


Travis Jenkins is the story of a suburban father whose daughter gets lured in by a local gang and is held against her will, after a series of violent actions against him and his family, he is left with only one course of action, revenge.

Samuel Doyon – Writer and Director
“Travis Jenkins” was my first feature film that I wrote and directed with my collaborator Morgan Way. We shot the film mid 2012, and are currently in the post-production process, the story is a gritty crime-drama, with a large focus on story. In the future we look to market the “Travis Jenkins” in major national festivals, and if we are successful go on to international festivals. Morgan and myself have started a film company called Way Ward Films, and look to work on more creative projects in the coming years as we hone and perfect our directing and producing skills. I am interested primarily in narrative film making, but am eager to try commercials, music videos and documentary film making also.


Morgan Way – Writer and  Director
My Feature Film “Travis Jenkins”, is a film that I have Written, Directed and Produced this year in collaboration with my Business Partner and collaborator Sam Doyon. The film follows a suburban father, who’s daughter falls in with a local gang, and after the gang push the father to the limit and holding his daughter against her will, a series events unfold leaving him on a collision course of revenge. The film “Travis Jenkins”, which has been produced under myself and Sam Doyon’s film company, Way Ward Films, is aimed for the film festival circuit in which we shall market the film. I plan to continue my filmmaking process, by continuing on new film projects both features and short films throughout my career.



Josh Charles – Trailer Editor and Sound Designer

 As a practicing filmmaker and media artist, I have been enthralled in a world of film and sound design.  While many of my previous works have playfully explored theoretical concepts and practical techniques involved with film sound, working on ‘Travis Jenkins’ as a sound designer, however,  has allowed me to implement these skills and concepts that I have learnt into a large but  focused project. Working as a sound designer for ‘Travis Jenkins’  has also led to an acknowledgment and appreciation towards the art of sound and its ability to guide audience response, support story and create emotional experiences within the film medium.

As a Sound Designer, my roles have primarily consisted of recording, manipulating and purposely placing sound within a films soundtrack in order to both support and sometimes carry the films visual elements and story.

I have also extended my role in the ‘Travis Jenkins’ film project by undertaking the role of primary trailer editor.  This experience has taught me how to tell and sell the central idea and story of a film in a compressed amount of time, while also conveying the emotional undertones that may appeal to the targeted audience.

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Bethany Levy – Production Design, Music
Designing the visual elements of a film of such proportions proved to be quite a challenging experience – but a fulfilling one all the same. At the start of the pre-production process, I designed costumes, makeup, sets and ideas for lighting through storyboards, but once I got to the physical set, many of these ideas needed to be altered.

For a set to have successful design, it must meet a number of requirements, syncing up with all other elements of film. The set must reflect and work together with elements such as music, lighting, framing, and actors as well as provide an original filmic ‘space’ for the audience.

Sound design in film, on the other hand, aims to create ambience, commonly indiscernible to characters within the film, but apparent to the audience. Sound design is also integral to the creation of suspense within film. The relationship between visual and sound helps the audience to associate with the characters and experience the emotion being felt by the characters.

Through my set design and music composition, I aim to create a shared dialogue between the visual and sound elements of the film to create an intensified experience for the audience.